Smart Tracker 2 Announces Launch of Indiegogo Campaign Offering a Way to Crowdfund the Best Real Time GPS Tracker Ever

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The idea of having a universal, reliable, high quality GPS device that can be used on anything from a piece of luggage, to a pet or a person, is something that makes a great many people excited to learn about. Enter Smart Tracker 2, who recently announced the launch of a crowfunding campaign to come to market on Indiegogo. Smart Tracker 2 presents a breakthrough real time GPS tracker that offers reliability, portability and incredible performance, which insider’s are describing as “the best GPS tracker ever.” The company, who already ran a successful crowdfunding campaign for the first Smart Tracker, seems poised to change the way people think of these devices in a very dramatic way. “We couldn’t feel more passionate about the Smart Tracker 2,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “The Smart Tracker 2 provides discreet, powerful GPS-tracking in a waterproof device. It even features an anti-theft feature that’s a breakthrough in the market. We’re very confident our Indiegogo campaign, like our first for Smart Tracker 1, will be a quick success and we can continue exceeding our customer’s expectations with the latest affordable technology.” According to the company, the Smart Tracker 2, is both portable and comfortable and can be used to track nearly anything. It’s discrete profile makes the device very hard for the untrained eye to identify, making it very useful to use in tracking something stolen or missing, along with its more obvious uses to track a person, pet or luggage to increase convenience and safety. About the campaign Smart Tracker 2 has set a goal of $30,000 to fully fund their campaign and manufacture and distribute the first run of devices. While any size donation is accepted, with various perks via Indiegogo, donations of $99 earns the donor a Smart Tracker 2 package, which includes the device, a SIM card, charger and much more, at a full 40% off discount. For more information be sure to visit and Smart Tracker 2’s campaign: