Can Smart Tracker 2 be a solution for child safety in India?

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Smart Tracker 2 is a device that allows you to track anything or anyone. The device has a SIM, a GPS, internal memory, microphone and an SOS button. The SIM, which comes pre-activated can run for 3 years without running into any problems while the device through it’s GPS can keep track and provide the GPS coordinates of the device in real time. In the video of Smart Tracker is explained everything how useful can it be.

The video doesn’t talk much as to how the product is built, what it has but it certainly makes you wonder if this could actually be a solution to child safety in India and around the globe. With so many cases of kidnapping and child abuse that happen, this nifty little device can help you not only keep track of where your child is but also allow you to listen in as to what exactly is happening nearby the device.

Built in Switzerland, the Smart Tracker 2 is currently available through their Indiegogo campaign which has already achieved it’s funding goal of $30,000 and has already encompassed a sum of $174,000 as of the time this post is being written with more than a 1,000 backers.

With the capability of storing the GPS data for over a month and the capability of geo-marking a specific area and be alerted on your phone as soon as the tracker leaves the area has a lot of benefits especially in terms of women and child security.

Even though the cost of the device might appear to be on the higher side as far as Indian consumers are concerned but if you think about the safety and security perks it brings along with it, backing the campaign with $139 (roughly around ₹9,000) can fetch you a Smart Tracker 2 Plus which is expected to ship out in October this year.

Smart Tracker 2 bears a lot of fruit in terms of safety and security of child and women in a country like India. If the cost of the device can be made Indian consumer friendly, without a shadow of a doubt, the device will be picked up by millions around the country. For those of you who can afford it the device is an absolute must to go in the backpack of your child.