The Team

  • Julien Buschor


    Innovator and entrepreneur by nature, with an experience in the deployment of web solutions, quality and customer-relationship system management, B2B analysis, passionate and motivate by the will to innovate and change things.

  • Nazmus Sakib

    Hardware and Firmware Engineer

    Nazmus Sakib is from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Technical Background: BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Having experience on Design, Development and Production of Embedded Electronic System with skills on Schematic, PCB, Assembly, Firmware Programming, 3D-Modeling as well as Reverse Engineering.
    Personal: Honest and Hardworking. Definitely Workaholic.

  • Peter Buschor

    Sales Director

    Peter Buschor is from Geneva, Switzerland. Background: extensive sales & marketing experience in Swiss and international markets, especially in the fields of telecommunications (Switzerland) and machinery export (worldwide).Personal: Spending time with my family, being with people, travelling, foreign cultures, reading.
    Jogging, tennis, snow down hill skiing

  • Tina Stanciu

    Writer and Public Relations Strategist

    With an educational background in Liberal Arts and Business Communications, and a professional experience of more than ten years as a writer, PR and co-founder of a successful start-up, Tina is always up for a challenge. Having a passion for arts, books and technology, she perfectly blends the business world with the beauty of words and always creates wonderful pieces of writing.

Dicavi means to dedicate or to devote in Latin, our vision is customer-centric and quality focused.